Divide rubbish…reduce using plastic bag

With the increasing numbers of people coming to Koh Tao, the amount of rubbish is increasing. Steps need to be taken to keep the Island in a pristine state. Over the years there have been many initiatives to help preserve the beautiful island of Koh Tao. A collective effort is needed for clean ups on both the surface and under the water. These clean up events not only help the environment, but also create awareness amongst both the local population and tourists.

Land and underwater clean ups are a community affair. Helping to raise awareness amongst all who volunteer themselves, such an event is an excellent opportunity to educate our children-future leaders of the world we leave behind.

The last joint clean up day was in Mae Hadd. The event was attended by the island elders, local business people, over 100 scuba divers cleaning under the water, tourist volunteers and local school children. Over 1,000 kilos of rubbish was collected. Please click to read the Koh Tao monthly rubbish report for more details.

The ‘Save Koh Tao Club’ has initiated local cleanup projects for all the three villages of Koh Tao. This not only includes land and underwater cleaning, but also involves setting up recycling stations and adding public dustbins.

Scuba divers and snorkelers will always come across man-made waste, such as plastic in the marine environment. Whenever we have the opportunity we should remove what we can and take extra precaution not to add to the problem. The next time you see any litter do your part –PICK IT UP& DISPOSE OF IT PROPERLY.

What can I Do to help?

•    Volunteer to help with local environmental clean projects
•    Dispose of your litter, responsibly-Put it in the bin provided
•    Do not throw recyclables away
•    Limit the use of plastic bags and plastic based products
•    Be aware of Nature and its surroundings
•    Use BIO DEGRADABLE products when possible
- savekohtao.com