Education for sustainable development

The children and the youth on Koh Tao have been growing up amid a concrete tourism business society. They are used to meeting various nationalities, hear many languages and experience many cultures from tourist around the world.

They experience new technology, such as computers and scuba equipment in which are complicated and changing all the time… nowadays they are been taken further away from family bonds and their local roots bit by bit…

However, if we learn how to adapt and gain knowledge in development, modernize educational processes, learning with a formal curriculum, open to outside classroom learning,   they will learn about their own community and natural resources and learn to respect their own environment. Building a learning community, which won’t be limited usder the current educational framework or by join us by developing education for sustainability in life, culture and the environment all together.

Koh Tao Community History

Koh Tao is a small Island where some people thought its shape looks like a peanut, but the Islander said that if we look from Pha-ngan Island, it is shaped like a turtle. The Island area is about 25 sq.m located in Koh Tao sub-district in Pha-Ngan district, Surattani province. It used to out of survey and not exist in Thailand map before. Nevertheless, The King Rama 5, --------visited and left as their monogram at Jor Por Rao Bay next to Sai Ree as we can see the tracks till nowadays.

In the past, Koh Tao was used as a political prison. Many of Baworadej prisoners were transferred from Tarutao Island to Koh Tao in the reason of being an isolated Island in the gulf of Thailand, only wide sea was freedom control. One of them was also Sor-Sethabute, the famous Thai-English dictionary author. In the mean time, there were local people being settled down and had been fishing, coconut palm plantation, rice paddy and orchard.