Preserve Paradise…Keep it clean, keep it green

If one person throw one piece of rubbish on the ground per day then that person throw 365 pieces of rubbish in one year, but Koh Tao has more than one person, in fact 320,000 people per year, if all throw more than one piece of rubbish…

Turtle ReleaseLet’s think how much rubbish will remain on this small Island!

Rubbish seems like a small problem effecting the tourism business, but it isn’t!! It is a major problem occurring due to tourism development along with deforestation, lack of freshwater, wastewater release, infrastructure, including social problems.

However, Koh Tao family has very strong networking and they are entrepreneurs on the Koh Tao tourism business. Therefore, raising awareness and participating in natural resource and environmental management is crucial to pass on clean, white sand and abundant forest for the next generation.

Divide rubbish…reduce using plastic bag

With the increasing numbers of people coming to Koh Tao, the amount of rubbish is increasing. Steps need to be taken to keep the Island in a pristine state. Over the years there have been many initiatives to help preserve the beautiful island of Koh Tao. A collective effort is needed for clean ups on both the surface and under the water. These clean up events not only help the environment, but also create awareness amongst both the local population and tourists.

Land and underwater clean ups are a community affair. Helping to raise awareness amongst all who volunteer themselves, such an event is an excellent opportunity to educate our children-future leaders of the world we leave behind.

The last joint clean up day was in Mae Hadd. The event was attended by the island elders, local business people, over 100 scuba divers cleaning under the water, tourist volunteers and local school children. Over 1,000 kilos of rubbish was collected. Please click to read the Koh Tao monthly rubbish report for more details.

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Forest restoration…Reef rehabilitation at Tanote Bay

- King grass plantation, check dam construction, marine ecological impact assessment.

According to a local Koh Tao brainstorming among members of the marine conservation team, including over 30 Thai and foreigners diving instructors, found that  the first priorityy of marine crisis need to solve urgently was running off cover the reef at Tanote bay…the bay which is one of the most beauty and high biodiversity of Koh Tao.

It caused of the reservoir construction in purpose of water supplying of Water resource department, Ministry of Natural Resource and environment in 2006. Moreover, the project wasn’t doing the environmental impact assessment and also didn’t do the public hearing about the pro and con of the project at all.